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Hadi Tv 2 live

  • Name Channel : Hadi Tv 2
  • keyword Google search Hadi Tv 2 live
  • ABOUT CHANNEL Hadi Tv 2 live :
    Hadi Tv 2 live

    Hadi Tv 2 live

    With the grace of Almighty (SWT), an initiative has been taken of launching a satellite television channel to spread the true teaching of
    Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Aale Muhammad (AS).

    It has been named after the name of 10th Imam and duly called Hadi TV.

    The channel is serving as a unique form of edutainment and infotainment for our community around the world.

    Hadi TV is broadcasting in eleven languages to cater to the global audience. It is first-ever multilingual Islamic channel to broadcast programs in English, Urdu, Malay, Thai, Arabic, Azeri, Turkish, Kurdi, Pashto, French and Farsi languages…

  • Homepage :
  • Live Stream :
  • Country : Pakistan
  • Language : English,    Malay ,Thai, Arabic
  • Category : Religious
  • Link Facebook/twitter/Youtube :
  • Contact us : Unknown

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