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PTV National live

  • Name Channel : PTV National TV
  • keyword Google search : PTV National live
  • ABOUT CHANNEL PTV National live :
    PTV National live

    PTV National live

    TV National a channel of regional languages of Pakistan has been the core source of providing Entertainment, Infotainment, and News etc in all the provinces of Pakistan along with 52 Countries all around the world in respective regional languages of Pakistan. The programmes in all major languages of Pakistan, Sindhi, Punjabi/Saraiki ,Pushto/Hindko ,Baluchi/ Brahvi were telecast with a breakup of 2 Hrs for each province were allocated which were repeated two times in the 24 Hrs transmission. In 2005 after the launching of PTV Bolan on 14th August a Channel dedicated for the regional languages of Baluchistan, PTV National was re-sketched and since then PTV Nationals programming is equally divided in to 05 slots namely…

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  • Live Stream :
  • Country : Pakistan
  • Language Unknown
  • Category : General
  • Link Facebook/twitter/Youtube : Unknown
  • Contact us : Unknown

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